Monday, September 8, 2008

La Politica Baby!

I know everyone knows that we are in the midst of an election year.  Politics is all around us and I love it!  Everyone is talking about the candidates and some are even actually talking about the issues.  So I was a delegate for my homegirl Hill.  The primaries ended in a tie but the way our country is set up some states have primaries, some caucuses, and the dumb ones both.  Oh, I live in Texas, we have both.  Anyway, Obama ended up with more delegates.  Ok, I get it.  I know enough to accept it and move on.  
Now the Republicans have thrown in a woman with a child with a disability into the mix.  She has real issues that MANY families in the US face.  I don't have to tell you what they are, the liberal media is doing a damn good job of informing the country.  I love it even more!  It is politics at its best.
My whole family is Catholic and Democrat and God help you if you don't stick to those two things.  Give up meat, sex, and air before you give those two things up.  This year I have all but given up on Catholicism and now I am thinking about giving up on the Democrats.  Wait, I wrote it and nothing happened, I'm still alive, maybe I will be ok!  
I so wish my uncle and aunt were alive; they were huge Democrats that worked on local, state, and national campaigns.  They were the rebels in the family, the flower children; arrested for what they believed in.  They lived and breathed politics, they would so love what is happening right now.  
The other night I had a dream that I was talking to them in my kitchen and was telling them about my leaning to the Right.  I explained why, they listened, nodded, smiled, even agreed on a few things.  I then asked them what they thought; was I doing the right thing?  As they were going to answer, I woke up!  I woke the fuck up!  Oh, they are both dead by the way. This story wouldn't make sense if they weren't.   

So, I really believe most of the things the Dems believe but I just can't stand that Howard Dean and Nancy Pelosi pushed a somewhat unknown candidate because they thought he had the carisma to win and Hillary wasn't liked by many.  I know they were shocked when she kept winning and when the primary went on so long.  I know they never imagined that she would have 18 million people vote for her.  I truly believe that they have ruined any shot we had at taking back the White House.  Their need for power fucked them over.   Part of me hopes I am wrong but part of me hopes I am right.  

I don't believe in everything the Reps believe but they are coming around.  This election there are only 3 state amendments on gay marriage.  In the last two elections there were probably something like 20!  This is promising for the Republicans. 

I will close with I know what McCain has done, what he is capable of doing, and he has been tested for over 35 years.  Obama wants me to vote for him on hope, change, and faith.
I am having a difficult time having blind faith in a God that a religion has set before me.  How the fuck am I going to have blind faith in a guy who wants to lead our country in a time of multiple wars, terrorists, and failing economy.   I don't think I can do that for the Catholics or for the Democrats. 
I miss K.  

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