Saturday, September 6, 2008

I barely survived Hill View and lived to talk about it

Another weekend and another adventurous hike, this time at Eisenhower Park. We decided to tackle the Hill View trail, it's the biggest one that surrounds the entire park. After all, we're experts at this hiking thing, right? WRONG! It wasn't so bad to get to the observation tower, beautiful view and many trails to choose from but I chose the wrong one. I figured it was a little tough to get up here but how bad could it be from here on, let the amateurs walk on the paved paths! It was pretty steep heading down but not once did I realize we would have to head back up at some point...I'm just going to say that I had to stop a couple of times to psych myself up and there may or may not have been a point where I almost burst in to tears. After an hour all I wanted to do was find the blessed paved path that would take me out of this torture trail.

I knew that we would have to climb up and down but in none of the reviews was there a mention of BOULDERS! I was wondering if I could get a helicopter in to air lift me thighs were on fire. My mouth probably got more of a work out from all the whining and complaining I was doing. Did I work every major muscle group and burn more calories than at the gym? (yes) I think if I die and end up in hell this would be it...a never ending trail that drops and climbs ever 10 seconds and Satan poking me with his pitchfork, screaming "DON'T STOP, FASTER FATTY!". They should sell t-shirts at the end of the trail that say "I survived this trail and all I got was this lousy pain in my back". Will I ever do it again? Yes because someday I will be able to do this without all the bitching and moaning. There were kids and old people on the trail doing better than me, what the hell happened? Mentally I was &%$#@! Here I am passed out at the end...somehow I turned in to an old fat man.

Here's to another healthy weekend and another trail we will conquer!


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