Monday, September 29, 2008

Are we there yet?

Fuck, is it November 5th yet? 

I can say that I am now officially over this election.  Everyone likes to talk about how great they are and all they have done for this country.  They point out what the other said, when they said it and how they were for it before the other was for it.  Do you follow me? 

I know; it is stupid.  Just answer the fucking question.  Tell me what you believe in and tell me what you will do. 

Obama likes to act like he is above all of the politics and the bullshit, but he isn’t.  He is only playing better than the rest and the naïve public is buying it.  Granted, Bill Clinton did much of the same when he was first elected but at least Bill had experience running a state budget. 

Ok, now let’s talk about the abortion and gay rights issues.  There are all kinds of celebrities screaming about their right to have an abortion and the right of their fag to marry.  Stop and remember where you are and who has been our president for the last 7 years.  That’s right George Bush, the born again Christian president.  If he hasn’t been able to stop abortions and the gays from fucking each other in the ass do you really think that McCain and Palin will do it?  These are the people that drive me crazy! 

Those issues are state issue because the federal government and politicians don’t have the balls to really piss off a large voting block.  Worry about who is elected governor, state representative, and senator.  Those are the bitches you need to worry about.

For president you want someone who can keep us safe from religious radical terrorists, create new job opportunities and work to balance the budget.  Which one of the monkeys do you think can do that?  

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