Thursday, September 11, 2008

I hate people.

So work was like a total bitch dude. I am not upset or stressed I am just a tad annoyed. Oh, get this, I just found my anti-depressant medication in my pant pocket. I put it there this morning so I could take it once I arrived at the office. I get there before 7am and started working right away. I skipped my standing Thursday meeting and worked right through lunch. I left at 5:45pm because I couldn't look at the same white walls anymore.

My boss brought me lunch and a drink but I didn't get to eat it. Each time I went to open my baked potato someone walked in with a problem. Nothing really major, nothing out of the ordinary but just a bunch a crap. Things that should be obvious to most people. I would think that if you are not diagnosed with mental retardation you shouldn't act like you are. Just my thought.

I also had to deal with people trying to make a buck off of a non-profit organization. Someone who is not an employee. Someone who volunteered his time to provide advice on a new product we are developing. He did all kinds of "work" for us the last couple of months (we didn't ask him to do any of this) and then expected us to be excited by it. He also lied. He said he did original art but he just took the pictures we provided and changed the colors and the rotated the pics. What the fuck!? Are you mentally retarded. He then told us he would bring us the original pics later in the day and they were the same fucking shit. I totally called him on it and asked him all kinds of obvious questions. He said I didn't understand what he was trying to do. I told him that I totally understood what he was trying to say. He is so annoying.

I also had a mother daughter duo in my office complaining and spewing lies. I won't say much about them because I think they both may actually be mentally retarded. I am completing undercover testing to make sure.

Finally, last night I had one of my staff cry, full on shoulder shaking crying, in front of me, new program director and assistant. That totally made me laugh out loud as I typed that. Apparently, I am such a great boss that she can't stand to not report directly to me. I was like a very fucked up dream. I couldn't believe that it was happening.

I think those are all the reasons I hate people today. Oh, The Red Dragon, I dont like her and will no longer be friendly with her. She is very mean.

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