Saturday, August 9, 2008

I'm not a deaf mute I just don't want to talk to you

You know those people at the hair salon or nail salon that sit there and chit chat with their stylist? That is not me. I prefer to just get in and get out. Small talk makes me uncomfortable. Today at the hair salon the man next to me was asking his stylist where she had been lately. He had apparently come in several times and she wasn't working, which disappointed him greatly. He told her "I guess you're just a girl who gets around a lot". What? That didn't come out right, that sounded like he was calling her a whore. That right there is why I don't chatter on with strangers. Well that and the fact that if they are talking too much they are not really concentrating on what they are doing.

Now take my job for instance. I can't sit around and do what I do all day and hold a conversation. I wish I could and at times, depending on what I am working on, I do. But for the most part if I were to do that, I would make a lot of mistakes because I am not focusing. I also appreciate the stylist who lets me be silent and doesn't try to engage me. If I wanted a conversation, I would call a friend.

That is just a little tip from me to you, no thanks necessary.


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