Saturday, August 30, 2008

Walking on sunshine

5 miles! Whoo hoo! We went for another hike this morning at Government Canyon and did it wear me down? Well...yes, but I loved it. The trail was awesome and we only met two people along the entire route so it was very private and secluded. The last mile was the hardest part simply because we knew we were almost home. This is so my new thing and we can't wait to do it again.

We came home and slept and I felt like a bag of sand when I woke up. My muscles were all stiff and sore but it still makes me smile. We have steaks on the grill so the day just keeps getting better. On a happy note, my mama is finally coming home. It's been months and I have missed her. On a sad note, not feeling funny lately. Perhaps because the ugo part of Kugo has been out on vacation and I'm just a solo act. I got nothing.

Gotta go, not being funny has worn me out and frankly it's just too much pressure so why try?


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