Saturday, July 26, 2008

Ask me why I'm smiling today...

'Cause I don't have teeth like this guy. No, no.....I'm happy. I had a doctors appointment yesterday and they ran my A1C test (cheat test). When I first went to them, after my surgery, I was in pretty bad shape. I was at 11.5 and that is just too high. That means my glucose readings were in the high 200's and uncontrolled. I was sick all the time, my vision was bad, I had to pee every hour and I was constantly thirsty. They set a goal for me to at least be at a 7 and I figured I would be lucky to get down to an 8. But it was 6.1!! Do you have any idea how incredibly awesome that is for me? I broke down in tears in her office because I couldn't believe I could actually do it. I really thought to myself that all this eating better and working out wouldn't make that big a difference but it did and I think I broke down because for once in my life I set a goal for myself and actually hit it.

She was pleased that I made the right call to remove myself off the insulin once I started the meds and my glucose levels have been great. She told me that 90% of people, once they start the meds, gain weight but that I have dropped at every visit and actually beat the odds. There was nothing but good news for me and I couldn't wait to share my news with my loved ones. I was so afraid that all this hard work would be for nothing and once again I would be disappointed. I was working out at the gym this morning and could not stop grinning. This has motivated me even more and no matter how many compliments people pay me, none of it matters to me. My ultimate goal is to improve my health not just to lose weight. I can't wait to call my mom today and tell her because she more than anyone understands how important this is. Her mom died due to type 2 diabetes because she never controlled it and I know this is always on her mind.

This is the best high and I may not stop smiling all weekend...


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