Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Are you a hummer?

My dentist, Dr. K, she hums. When she is working on my teeth, when she is waiting for her assistant, when she examines x-rays....she hums. I don't mind it, it actually makes me smile but what does it mean? Are people who hum happier?

Sometimes I sing in the shower. It's usually Bette Midler or Barbara Streisand, something older and more classic. Moon River is usually one of my songs. I don't belt it out or even sing the whole song, just pieces of it. When I got out my husband said "I like when you sing in the shower". I asked him why he liked it and he didn't know - just that it made him happy.

Does singing and humming mean you are happy at that moment and if it does can that happiness be passed on to whoever hears it? Interesting thought and one I must ponder on. Perhaps I can apply for a federal grant to study this occurrence?


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