Friday, April 30, 2010

No one is happier than me that it is Friday.

I am over my mood from yesterday and I decided the best thing I can for myself is let it go. Sometimes is best just not to care about someone or something, so that is where I am at today. It may change but for today, no drama. Moving on...we have decided to jump in to our home makeover starting today. Our house really needs painting! We have picked the colors and instead of hiring someone else to do it, we are going to do it. I know, comedy right? We have decided to start small with the shutters, and trim and move on to the big stuff after all that. We are going to buy our paint and "try out" the colors, hope this works.

In good news, my parents are coming to visit! I have really missed them and they have decided to come see us in May. Not only do I need some time away from work, but I'm excited about spending time with them. May is a busy month, my in-laws are coming for a weekend, my parents are coming, Big Red is going to Florida and my two new classes are starting. TGIF - Here is to ending this week on a high note!


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