Monday, April 26, 2010

I like meat and that is not a metaphor

Sometimes when I try a new restaurant I like to tell you about it that way if it is good, you can go check it out. Sometimes, it's not so good and I tell you so you can go judge for yourself. Well one of our favorite places to go is a good steak house. If you have steak in the name of your restaurant than you better deliver. Last Friday we closed our office at noon because Fiesta was in full swing and a huge parade was starting right down the street. I figure my hubby and I can go try this new place, Longhorn Steakhouse. It's brand new and it was our first visit, so we head out on a Friday thinking no lines, fast service. Right. We get there and it's a 20 minute wait unless we want to eat in the bar, no problem, I'm thirsty and starving so show me the way. We order our drinks and an appetizer - The Tonion - deep friend onion petals. She brings our appetizer and still no drinks...15 minutes later, still no drinks, another 15 minutes later, still no drinks. What the hell? How am I supposed to eat a salty appetizer without a drink, not to mention eating bread with nothing to wash it down with. The manager comes out and tells us the bartender is very busy and he will make the drinks himself while he apologizes for the wait. We have not seen the bartender make one drink the entire time we are sitting there and 15 minutes later, you got it, still no drink.

He finally brings our drinks and says the appetizers and drinks are on the house, well I should think so. He takes our order and promises our steak will be done fast and right. What do you think happened? No fast and no right, my husband had to switch with me 'cause it was still mooing. This is the most bland plate you have ever seen...fries and a steak people, that's it. $15 for a ribeye and not even a garnishment, not exactly impressive on presentation. I can say the steak was pretty juicy and tasty and the fries were...fries. While our waitress was very young, cute and sweet she never offered us more bread or asked us if we wanted another drink. The manager finally came back and asked me how everything was so I had to be honest with him. Not his finest moment and I probably would not come back. I told him it didn't start off too well and how do you make a mistake on medium well vs. medium, you're a steak house?? He was apologetic and comped us the entire meal. He gave us his card and asked us to please come back and ask for him and he would show how good they really are. Oh Aramis, you were a very kind manager but first impressions are everything and since this is Texas I really expected a better showing for steaks. I can go to Outback or Texas Land and Cattle and my all time favorite, Saltgrass (where they never get it wrong and they at least bring you water while you are waiting).

They seriously need better steak knives because even though the steak was tender, it was hard to cut with those kiddie knives by Mattel. So a $50 free meal was good, but the disappointment lingers. Oh yeah, too salty margaritas, my pucker lasted a while. Aramis may be a good manager but not so good as a bartender. A for effort, dude. The appetizer was tasty and the atmosphere is very hunting lodge so it fits. All in all, not sure we would give it another try but we may...if the other steak houses are closed.


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