Sunday, November 30, 2008

I thought it was gonna be plate lunches...

We went to a new eating establishment last night for dinner so I thought I would pretty much sum up my dining experience. We went because it was Hawaiian food and we have been waiting for months for this place to open. I mean we literally drove by every week to check it out. It's called Ohana's Hawaiian Grill and it's off of 1604 and Hausman. Now if you're in a rush, this is not the place to go because even though the wait staff was very friendly this is like a 5 course place. I started with the key lime martini which smelled like key lime but was strong as shit, I mean I could have breathed fire after a sip. Nothing wrong with a strong drink but I wanted to taste something else besides the vodka.

Next was the appetizer or if you were truly from Hawaii it is pupu, teriyaki chicken wings which were big and crispy but not very teriyaki tasting. Good flavor just not teriyaki tasting. This place was more Japanese than Hawaiian with our Benihana like set up and the cook doing the fancy moves. We moved on to the soup which was really just beef broth, and salad which was just okay. They could skip those two things and move the meal along, I was starving already! Then he started with the shrimp and it was somewhat tasty but I gave H most of them. We moved on to the veggies which were actually pretty good and then fried rice for R that we all got to taste, delicious. I do have to say that the chicken and steak were so tender and tasty and the sauces he had for them were ono! While I enjoyed the main course, I'm not so sure it was $90 good and we didn't even have sushi like the others!

I didn't care for the set up because it wasn't really conducive to conversation with the 7 people we had but I had Big Red on one side of me and H on the other so I had myself a fun time. While my hubby's Kalua Pig was good (he loved it) and R's Loco Moco (see picture above) looked delicious (he loved it too), I consider myself somewhat of an expert on local food and this wasn't really what I was expecting. It was upscale and all but a little pricey. Since my brother has a Hawaiian restaurant I have something to compare it to and I think my brothers is much more tasty and reasonable; but I am somewhat bias. Would I go back again? Yes, but I would try the lunch menu and the dessert because their choices sounded good. It is worth trying if you miss plate lunches and like to be entertained during dinner.

All in all it was a fun night because of the company and Saturday night was alright for fighting!


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