Saturday, November 29, 2008

The pie heard 'round the world

I walk in to my parent's home carrying homemade mashed potatoes for Thanksgiving and immediately my mother says "Did you bring pie?". Now this conversation of who should bring what took place last weekend and when I said I would bring pie, I was shot down because my dad said he was making a pie. My response? "You said not to because dad was making a pie?". She retorts with "He did, but that's not enough for everyone, you said you were bringing a pie." was not a good start. Firstly, who the hell is everyone? I thought it was just four of us, no one told me my aunt and uncle were coming and then my cousin and her about the Indians? Are they coming too? Sorry, should I have said Native Americans?

My dad walks in and tells me there is enough pie so I walk out of the kitchen to go sit in the living room where my smart husband follows me. We know better than to have a battle of wits with my mom on a holiday. Big Red asks me if he should go to the store to buy a pie and my dad walks in and tells him absolutely not! So I whisper to my husband "If Jesus himself drops down and commands you to eat pie, don't you do it!" For that comment, WE WILL NOT EAT THE PIE SO THERE IS ENOUGH FOR EVERYONE! Geesh...I wanted to go home and get back in to bed after the verbal sparring my mothers handed down. She always has something to say and H knows because our mom's are twins when it comes to backhanded comments.

Despite the whole pie fiasco the food was great and the company was okay. My cousin showed up with her new boyfriend, some cop in uniform because he was on the job. I was hoping he was the same cop that pulled me over Tuesday morning for pigging backing to get through that red light but no luck. Get this. When I asked my aunt about her daughters new boyfriend she told me this would be the first time they were meeting him...yes, she chose Thanksgiving as the time to introduce him to the family. What a bonehead move. He seemed nice but I was not in the cop loving mood after Tuesday and of course Edgar's name comes up. WTF? Does Edgar know everyone in San Antonio? He tells me to say hi to Edgar, right. Say it yourself since you know him so well, he's not my work husband and get your ass back out there and get to work! Are there not criminals still at work, even on a holiday? Can you tell I was still bitter?

I did manage to walk in the kitchen where he was eating and say over the top of everyone "Make sure you have some pie, there's enough for everyone!". I did not get a ticket just a warning (not for the pie comment) but I am still not a fan of the men in blue even if I was in the wrong. Oh yeah, Big Red's mom is staying with us for a couple of nights. His sisters family dropped her off Thanksgiving eve and they proceeded to tell us all about the blast they had in Cancun so now we have to go to Cancun! All inclusive resort and they did all this fun stuff like hike the Mayan ruins and snorkel...I so want to go and all for the low low bargain basement price of $1,600 for both of them! H, the four of us are going to Mexico!


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