Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Tequila sunrise

I know the view isn't much to look at, what do you want? It's work! But the sky...the beautiful sky and all it's changing colors. It was pink, purple, orange, then blue...who wouldn't be thankful for a morning like this? I drove to work looking at this and smiling. It's not often I smile on my way to work. When I parked and got to the front door of the office I had to turn around and take a picture of this from my phone. I'm happy because it's a short day before a long weekend.

I plan to stuff myself with turkey, nap and make long, sweet love with my husband. Yes, I am aware I put eating before making love. A girl has her priorities. My mother in law is coming to stay with us for a couple of nights and I'm okay with that. At least we don't have to drive to Austin to see her.

Okay, I have to get some work done. I just wanted to stop and share for a moment before I dive head first in to work and forget everything else.


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