Friday, February 8, 2008

Rihanna = Diarrhea

Okay people need to stop. I really don't think I can take one more day of Rihanna. Not only does her music suck but her speaking voice gets on my nerves as well. From her light bulb shaped noggin(look at it!! it's freakishly shaped - she's a real live bobblehead) to her redundantly irritating songs...I really have had enough of her. I don't have the bright fire like hate that I have for sharks and roaches, she's just a minor annoyance like a mosquito buzzing close to my ear at night. That umbrella song?? I could just pummel someone with lava rocks for singing that because it is the most nauseating, disease ridden, vomit inducing, excruciatingly bad lyrical mess that I have ever heard. It actually forces me to turn the radio off. I don't hate her...just her music. She should do something else, like be a mime. That's a lost art, isn't it? You just don't see mime's anymore.


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