Thursday, February 7, 2008

Be my Valentine

My brother M is a chef and has just recently opened his own restaurant. This was a lifetime dream of his and I don't say that lightly. Ever since he could stand, he has been cooking. I love when at the age of 7 he made us the best fried rice ever. In second grade, they had career day at his school. I know, who the hell knows what they want to be in the second grade besides a cowboy, fireman, astronaut or a singer? M did, he filled out a card that said he wanted to be a chef. I have had that card for ages because I planned to make him a scrapbook with all his childhood pictures in it. My parents recently asked to see that card so they could reminisce.

I have torn about my house looking for it and I CANNOT find it! But while I was seaching, I did find a valentines day gift my husband bought for me. I feel terrible about it and I didn't open it but the gloom is still there. I need to practice my look of surpise and joy when I open it so Big Red will never know that I knew. After all that, I still couldn't find the card and I am too afraid to tell my parents I lost it. My mom will monkey out on me, I just know it. We have one more option and that is the attic when we recently packed away some storage containers. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.


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