Tuesday, February 5, 2008

i am fat AND out of shape...

Who the fuck knew that I was so fat and out of shape?!  I guess I sort of knew but have been in denial about it.  I was talking to a friend of mine last week and we discussed how each of us have gained some weight lately.  We both said we were stress eating.  What the fuck!  Why do I have to be a stress eater?  Why do I have to have stress in my life?  Anyway, so we both said, OK we are fat.  I accepted it late last week.  Thursday to be exact.  That was January 31st.  So this weekend we pulled out the carpet in our bedroom and closet.  We also pulled out the linoleum in the bathroom.  We then scrubbed all of the floor with baking soda, metal scrubby things, blades and sponges.  It took us a day and a half to finish.  I was soooo fucking sore.  I felt like I lifted weights for days.  Every tiny muscle in my body ached!  I could barely move.  When did I get so out of shape!  R was so funny.  He kept telling me not to feel so bad about my flabby state.  He kept telling me he was sore too. He is a fucking marathon runner!  It was nice of him to say.  Right now I am still a bit sore from my arms.  
We are going to start staining it today.  I am very excited that we have rid ourselves of that nasty carpet.  I hate/love that it made me realize that I am fat AND 
out of shape!  

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You didn't already know this?