Friday, February 29, 2008

Are you kidding me?'m at the gas station this morning picking up my daily dose of Sugar Free French Vanilla Cap and this woman walks in and I think to myself (as opposed to thinking to anyone else), WTF. She is in pink pajamas with black, fuzzy booties and a black bathrobe. Her hair is all kinds of fucked up and she's rushing in buying gas. Who needs gas this bad and where is she going?! I seriously want to ask her this but think better of it. Perhaps at her job if they don't get there on time they are beheaded. So maybe I should admire her perseverance?

Later today...someone comes in to my office and starts to tell me about her personal life (why me?). She has been with her man for 2 years and they have NEVER brought up the issue of living together or marriage. Funny, no? I find this out because she lives in her place but he bought a house. He made a joke about renting her a room and like a dog with a bone, she immediately said (to herself and later to me) "Is he trying to tell me something?". I think she really wants to get married but is afraid to bring it up. Which brings up the question, how long are you willing to wait for your partner to pony up and make the offer? What's the expiration date on the dating portion of the relationship? If you love each other and are committed why hasn't this subject EVER been brought up by at least one of you? Hmmmm.

She then proceeds to tell me her last boyfriend, after being confronted with cheating, tells her he is a secret agent. So you see it's not another girl that is responsible for the demise of their relationship, it's the government. When asked why he was taking a shower as soon as he got home, he replied "I had blood on my hands". When asked why do you keep looking around, he replied "Someone may be following me". When asked what are you looking for before he let her get in the car, he replied "A bomb". PSYCHO. Maybe she told her current boyfriend this and hence, no marriage talk?

Why do I always get in to these conversations at work on a Friday? Aside from wondering about her state of mind (being in these kind of relationships) I have to say - I may use these on my husband this weekend just for fun. After all, one must work to keep their relationship fresh...


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