Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Welcome to my twisted mind

Just some things off the top of my head:

  • Why do homeless people talk to themselves and what do they say?
  • Overheard at Central Market when two girls were looking for something to eat: (Said in your best valley girl accent) Girl 1: Do they still have fries here? Girl 2: Hell yeah! This is still America!
  • My husband won't let me get one of those margarita machines for home use because according to him "I'll come home every day and you'll be drunk...wait, maybe I should get you one, but no, you'll become an alcoholic".
  • My burning desire to move back to Seattle is stronger than ever. We just refinanced our current home so it wouldn't make any sense to move now but that doesn't take away the longing.
  • That new song by Sugarland "Stuck like glue" is stuck like glue in my head and I can't stop singing it. Don't you love/hate that?
  • I bought my husband a new road bike with a refund check instead of buying myself an Ipad. Is that stupidity or love? (repeat mantra: It is better to give then receive)
  • I found out a secret about a friend and it has changed the way I view this friend. I can't help it, it bothers me. Not judging, just changing my perspective on this friendship.
  • Was so engrossed in those twilight books that I am glad I'm done reading them. They took up all my free time!
  • I laughed so much yesterday at work that I'm actually glad I came back...because I didn't want to.


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