Thursday, December 18, 2008

Grinchy much?

Can I just say I love the Breaking and Entering Christmas on the Kidd Kraddick show every year. Makes my little Grinch hating whoville heart grow three sizes. Why is it only Christmas that mankind renews my faith but the rest of the year they reinforce my skepticism that people are basically good? Why does this have to be the general look when people walk in my office and ask me stupid and redundant questions like why are we lowering the mileage in 2009 and why does our finance assistant continue to spell the word "milage" like this?
Why does Edgar have to come in here and want to debate how miles per gallon translates to us reimbursing him for mileage? I find myself spewing on how the IRS does not determine mileage on only gas prices but depreciation and maintenance on your vehicle yet why do I care, it's Edgar? I don't even work for the IRS. It's like have a debate with Roman, doesn't really matter the subject, he simply doesn't have a clue on why he is even debating. I enjoy proving both of them wrong, it's a hobby of mine. I was a bossy child, can you tell?


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