Sunday, December 7, 2008

A date which will live in infamy

FDR said that famous quote when he declared war on Japan right after they bombed Pearl Harbor. Well, it wasn't a famous quote when he said it but it is now. We went to Fredericksburg Texas to walk around and do some Christmas shopping. As we arrived, the place was packed with military and it dawned on me that today is December 7th. IT'S THE DAY JAPAN ATTACKED PEARL HARBOR PEOPLE! I should have really remembered this since this is also a big day in Hawaii. We watched the ceremony and it was very moving but the coolest part were the planes. The old military planes were doing some very low flying moves and it was so awesome to see. Just sitting there listening to stories made me tear up. Red and I were so glad we got to see this. They have Nimitz museum smack dab in the middle of Main Street and that is where the ceremony was being held.

We also ended up at a German Christmas festival downtown and we had a blast. Eating roasted peanuts, watching ice skaters, and drinking hot apple cider as we looked at all the historic buildings. Such a pretty town and everyone was so friendly. We are starting to make it a monthly trek to drive to other parts of Texas to explore and enjoy. We ended the day at La Cantera doing more Christmas shopping. Today was a good day.


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