Monday, July 7, 2008

I hate that whore!

I so know the bitch that is food. I love that whore! Today was the worst day of my life; well it really sucked, I guess I have had worst days but this one was up there! I love to eat when I am stressed or had a bad day. Today I so had a bad day. All morning long I thought about which slut I would have: hamburger, pasta, donuts, or maybe Mexican food. I was so ready for it. I got so busy that I missed lunch and decided to just wait to eat until after my 2pm meeting. After my meeting I was even more stressed. Instead of eating I decided to never eat again. (This is the hate part of food) Don't worry it won't last long. If it did I would so be anorexic and thin right now. Sadly, I am neither. I can't even stick to my hatred of the whore I know as food. I then remember my other butt, whore addiction....SHOES. I so feel better when I buy shoes. I rushed to my favorite shoe brothel and spent an hour trying on many shoes. It was great. I finally settled on 15 pairs of shoes but didnt know how R would feel about me buying $600 on shoes. Sigh...I only bought two. I will go back and get more though!!! I love the cunt that is shoes. She doesn't make me gain any weight or feel guilty after fucking her, the way I do with the crackwhore that is food. YEA SHOES! BOOOO FOOD.

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