Thursday, August 12, 2010

Random picture of the day

I love this picture of my brother and I with my dad. It is like we were standing still in a fast moving world. My handsome in his uniform, no wonder my mom fell for him. Anyway...

I noticed yesterday that even though I see the same scenery every day, some days it's really ugly. Driving home yesterday I saw all the green trees but my view of these trees was tainted by the heat. Normally in the spring, I love those green trees. I smile when I see them and think to myself how pretty they all are. Yesterday it hit 100 degrees and that heat made me think this same view was now the ugliest thing I have ever seen. Heat and humidity are hideous and so is everything that it touches. Remind me again, why I live in Texas? Gaah.

Our finance assistant posted something negative about our boss on Facebook yesterday and even though I am not her friend, someone told me about it. She is studying human resources in college, you would think she would know better then to post status updates about her job on a social networking site. You hear stories about people getting fired for stuff like this. Having to talk to her about it was not pleasant but it needed to be done. Do people not realize that everything on Facebook is there for everyone to see? It is attached to your name and everything about you is out for the world to see. I was disappointed in her and even though she sent me an e-mail to apologize, I still feel a little let down. Is that normal? I really want her to gain as much knowledge as she can while she is here and to have a positive learning experience. Is that asking for too much? Probably.


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