Monday, August 9, 2010

Kona makes himself right at home

Kona is a champion sleeper, can you tell?

I am a fun sucker. I just realized it as I was listening to the radio. All it takes is one little thing to set me off and I'm done, I'm out. Saturday I kept having problems with my computer and then I moved to my laptop and could not get on our home network. That was it, I'm spouted off a few choice words declaring that I was done! I'm never going on Facebook again! So I didn't, I have stayed away from the computer until now. I left my phone right next to my computer and didn't check that either all weekend. It was actually quite liberating and I may have to do it again.

Technology isn't always better. I did have a wonderful weekend anyway. Dinner with good friends Friday night and we close on our refinance Friday. We have already started all the home improvements but we have another contractor coming out for an estimate on all the little things we need changed. School starts next week so it will be a busy summer. Our new little boy Kona is adjusting to life as an indoor dog. He was able to wait until we got home from work to go outside to do his business so he is learning fast. Unfortunately, he has also learned to get his fat little butt up on the bed at night. Do you have any idea how hard it is to have two dogs and a husband in bed with you, even on a king size bed! I was used to Max but with Kona too, it is difficult to sleep comfortably. Last night we started teaching them the off command because we needed our beauty sleep! Still tired. Hope you have a fabulous week!


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