Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Two things that I must get off my chest and they are not my boobs.

Uno - I pulled a Roman yesterday. I had an appointment at 6 for my PT and while we were on our way I kept telling my husband "why didn't I book this appointment at their other location, it would have been way more convenient". Apparently I had the foresight to do just that, but could not for the life of me remember how smart I really am. Too much useless shit taking up room in my brain? We hauled ass to the other location and still got there in time. Moral of the story...double check all appointments 'cause I be too old to remember.
I don't like jet ski riding sock monkeys and wouldn't he just get soaked and sink to the bottom? Come on now.

Dos - I really don't like that Kia Sorento (sounds like some girls name) commercial with the sock monkey and pals. Never did like sock monkeys anyway but I especially don't like his freaky friends, It's fat cousin from Adam's Family, and big red dildo dude with arms. They creep me out. Sock monkeys just look like they are wearing long johns, stupid. Just show me what the vehicle does and move on, don't take me on a nightmarish acid trip or I won't buy your car because I'm scared they will pop up in the backseat. Which ad executive came up with these ridiculous toys, obviously he had a troubled childhood.

What kind of toy is this anyway???? Highly suspect.

I have no words for chunky cousin It here except his hat is too small for his head.



Jennie of the Jungle said...

OMG you are too funny. LOVE your blog.

P.S. You've totally turned me against sock monkeys (and Kias).

Jennie of the Jungle

chinamommy said...

haha, when I read "Kiera(sp?) Sorento" I thought "who is she?", I never know these young new stars on the scene- since I am so NOT on the scene! I also am no fan of those sex toys that sock monkey is hangin' out with!
Sounds like all you need in your life is triplets! :) I could never go back to school, although I like to beg Mr. to send me back to law school because I like the look he gives me...