Friday, March 12, 2010

Full of excuses

I know, it's a cop out but I have been busy. Yes, China Mommy, I got your message on Facebook.

Excuse#1 - My finance assistant is out on month earlier than expected. I was totally unprepared, my bad.

Excuse#2 - School is kicking my ass. Why I ever thought I could keep a full time job and attend school at night is beyond me. Maybe I'm just too old.

Excuse#3 - My partner in this blog is a slacker. You would think he could at least pick up some of what I am dropping, but no. Men are just so selfish, aren't they?

Excuse#4 - I haven't been motivated/inspired to talk about life 'cause it's dragging me down, man. Don't get me wrong, life is good, I'm just weary. I'm sitting here at my desk, during my lunch hour, sipping on soup because I am too tired to chew. What the hell?

Does it help that I totally prettied up my excuses with colors and made them bold? No?

So let's just get up to speed shall we? Fast Eddie left us for greener pastures, Michelle broke up with her man/boy, Kugo continues to torment people and little gay R is dating like a mad man. I think that is about it. Back to me.

I keep this book at work. It's like a work diary/journal/to-do list and I have had it since 2004. It's full of work info and various tidbits and why on earth am I even telling you about it? It's 2010 and I am down to the last two blank pages in my book. The very end of this book are full of tidbits and notes and I wrote "I worry about the buildup on my colon walls thanks to the stupid commercial by Benetol". Doesn't everyone?

I also have two pages full of things we have either mispronounced or misunderstood, so all us of are in the book. I wish I could share more of my book but seriously, I have to get back to work because it is a Friday and I want to be out the door by 4. Someone needs a weekend, okay? I will share more of what I wrote in K's Slam Book next time I write. Until then, I leave you with this picture of Michelle at our latest staff meeting. As you can tell the meeting was full of excitement such as how to use our telephones. I was able to get a little bit of Jana in there too. Hold me back!



@eloh said...

Slam Book?

La Skeletor said...

I hate that commercial and I wonder the same thing. FIBER RULES!