Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Tired much?

Have 5 hour energy drink, will travel.

You know about a month and a half ago, while we were cleaning out my bosses' (doesn't this look wrong?) office, we found a two pack of 5 hour energy drinks under her desk. We decided to toast to her and drink them. Man! We were giddy and high. We plowed through everything and packed up 4 boxes of stuff. That stuff really works so I bought a bottle this morning at the corner gas station along with a cup of coffee. I have a feeling I am going to need it. With this time change, I was in bed by like 8 and woke up about 5. Do you think I got too much sleep?

Went to the eye doctor yesterday and found out I need a new prescription for eyeglasses because I now need glasses to read. This officially makes me old like I wasn't old before. Maybe I will just go ahead and buy the big round glasses with the chain to hang around my neck. If you can't fight it, join it.


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