Monday, November 22, 2010

Chemical Warfare or Just another day at the office

So we had our Thanksgiving luncheon last week at work and we had no room in the fridge. It was literally full of crap. We had to clean it out to make room for our Thanksgiving munchies so we sacrificed our own health to sanitize the fridge. Please enjoy the pictures of the toxic things our lazy employees, including myself, had left to fester.

I believe this was once an apple, obviously delicious as someone ate it down to the core and then saved it. SAVED IT!?? For what purpose? We may never know.
I know this person had the best intentions of eating healthy and then probably chucked it for a Wendy's burger. In fact, this may be my salad in a bag. It's been that long so I don't really remember but it sounds like something I would do.

It is quite clear to me that this was some poor souls spanish rice at one point, now it is host to a multitude of bacteria. It has a bacteria prom happening all over it. I don't even want to know what that little blue thing is in the middle of the green mold pom pom. But seriously, what is it?

This was my favorite. It is completely unrecognizable. It has gone so far wrong that it probably was really toxic and made someone sick just by smelling it. It did smell as bad as it looked. Do you see what I have to suffer with just to show it to you via a picture? This dish needed a hazmat suit to dispose of. I'm quite sure the fridge will once again be filled with crap like this in a month or so and we will again go through this ceremonial cleansing. I believe this falls under "other duties as assigned".

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