Saturday, January 5, 2008

How does that happen?

We had a beer with our neighbors this afternoon while they worked on their yard.  They discussed their pending departure to Iraq with us.  They are both leaving early June with various trainings in the next few months.   They talked about it like it was not big deal and I guess for them it is not.  They have both already been over there once.  Where does that desire come from?  Who decided that it is their duty to "defend" our country?  It is just so foreign and odd to me.  Who chooses to be a boxer and get the shit kicked out of them?  There are a lot of things I just really don't understand.  Who chooses to be a prison guard?  I sure I could go on.
The last time I talked to my neighbors mother she asked me to pray that the war ends so her daughter and son in law to don't have to go to Iraq.  I told her I would and I have but it just made me so sad.  I know she is so worried for their safety.  I WOULD GO CRAZY IF I HAD A LOVED ONE IN IRAQ!

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